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Karen Taylor

Karen worked in NHS in England with both older people and adults of working age as an RMN. She has personal experience of designing, implementing and managing innovative community care services. After leaving worked with Ron Coleman bringing the hearing voices and recovery approach to many Countries . She put all her experiences into running recovery house projects, her learning on working with psychosis is rooted in practice and living with a voice hearer for 21 years. Recovery from psychosis is possible for everyone, people can learn to understand their experience and move on. Karen has experience in working with families and believes real healing occurs when dialogue happens. Karen has co-authored the workbook, ‘Working to Recovery’ Based in Scotland, Karen is Director of ‘Working to Recovery Ltd'. She also has a Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness and is a trained spiritual companion. This has led to her setting up Midwife of the Soul.

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About this course

This course provides an introduction to the concepts and values that inform the hearing voices movement, a challenging and innovatory way of working with people who hear voices. It provides an overview of this important work and an introduction to a different way of thinking about the meaning of ‘hearing voices’ based on twenty five years of work by voice hearers and mental health workers and researchers from around the world, including the pioneering work of the psychiatrist Professor Marius Romme and Dr. Sandra Escher.

The learning format/approach has been designed to meet all learning styles.  Learning formats include: documents, PowerPoints, videos, exercises/activities, additional reading and learning from each other through forums.

This course is divided into Six Lessons which you can access daily over the course of 7 days - 

Lesson 1 - Understanding the Voices Movement

In Lesson 1, you will be introduced to the major themes and issues raised by the hearing voices approach and their relevance to the lives of people who hear voices.  This lesson looks at the overview of the philosophy, core concepts and values that underpin the hearing voices movement, which makes it so distinctive.  

Lesson 2 - The History and Aims of the Hearing Voices Movement

In Lesson 2, you will be introduced to the development of the International Hearing Voices Movement (INTERVOICE).  You will be hearing from one of the founders of the movement, Marius Romme and learn about the movement over the last 30 years.  

Lesson 3 - Working Together

In Lesson 3, you will be explore the concept of "experts by experience", why it is so important for voice hearers and how it can be achieved.  This way of working and thinking challenges the thinking on setting boundaries, yet it is successful.  Many times it has been observed that the breakthrough towards recovery for people who hear voices began with an important and beneficial relationship with a supportive mental health worker.  

Lesson 4 - Hearing Voices in Society

In Lesson 4, you will learn that throughout history and today there are many people who hear voices who find their voices inspirational and comforting.  Research and work has shown that hearing voices is not always a negative experience or even if it is negative it doesn't have to stay that way.  The idea that hearing voices is part of an illness, is not correct.

Lesson 5 - Spreading the Word: Developing Awareness about Hearing Voices

In Lesson 5, you will be learning about the work of INTERVOICE, the International Hearing Voices Network that exists in over 26 countries around the world. campaigning on issues affecting the lives of people who hear voices.   Each year INTERVOICE holds it's annual Congress in a different country around the world, bringing voice hearers together, sharing their stories, experiences, research, thinking, in order to progress the understanding and recovery for all that hear voices.  We seek to change societies' perceptions of hearing voices  

Lesson 6 - Introducing the Hearing Voices Approach into your Life / Workplace

In Lesson 6, you will be considering how you could develop some first steps of a Personal Plan, working with your own voices or people who are hear voices.  We will guide you through an Action Plan for taking your learning forward.  The Lesson also includes a video of Paul Baker and Ron Coleman, discussing the hearing voices approach at an open meeting in Eugene, Oregon, USA.