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Karen Taylor

Karen worked in NHS in England with both older people and adults of working age as an RMN. She has personal experience of designing, implementing and managing innovative community care services. After leaving worked with Ron Coleman bringing the hearing voices and recovery approach to many Countries . She put all her experiences into running recovery house projects, her learning on working with psychosis is rooted in practice and living with a voice hearer for 21 years. Recovery from psychosis is possible for everyone, people can learn to understand their experience and move on. Karen has experience in working with families and believes real healing occurs when dialogue happens. Karen has co-authored the workbook, ‘Working to Recovery’ Based in Scotland, Karen is Director of ‘Working to Recovery Ltd'. She also has a Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness and is a trained spiritual companion. This has led to her setting up Midwife of the Soul.

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About this course

You are Not the Problem - Module 2

It is very common that service users/consumers, families and organisations in mental health lack a readiness to begin recovery. 

Based on a 'Three-Month Program' that we  formed in our work in establishing recovery houses in Scotland, Italy and Western Australian, we have stripped back the underlying concepts into a shortened four week course.

In this second module of the four week course, you will be focusing on exploring why people often feel that somehow they are the problem and they cannot recover.  

If you want to undertake the full four week course, you can find this within our course catalogue.  If you enrol to the full four week course, we will give you a 25% discount.  However, if you prefer you can just do this module at full price.

What's Covered in this Module:

  • Look at in depth the idea of "you are not the problem".
  • Learn about the process of stories we tell ourselves and how the process of externalising language, can assist in changing the stories we/others tell about ourselves.
  • Look about the barriers that stops recovery and explore the ways we overcome these.
  • You will be revisiting your Personal Development Plan, making any updates since last week
  • You will also be writing another 7 days of your daily journal.
  • Watching the second webinar, presented by ourselves.

Certificate of Module Completion

For this module, we offer a Certificate of Attendance, for your portfolios and satisfaction.